Element Spotlight – David

Name: David Plumley 

About me:  I’m a teller/member service representative at the Kanawha City branch. Outside of work, I enjoy music, movies and just hanging out at home. 

What keeps me motivated: Definitely, joking around and having a good time. Besides that, I think its more of having a purpose. I have goals and I constantly want to better myself every day. I am at that age where I want to have a family and get a house of my own now. Every day I come in I think of it as I’m one step closer to my goals. 


Favorite thing about WV: The people because we have a lot of friendly faces.   


Recommended thing to do in WV: A state park because it really shows you how pretty West Virginia truly is. 


Q: How do you describe Element FCU culture and how do we keep members aware of it? 

A: Our culture, I would say its very friendly and open. As for members, I think its more of staying connected with them by seeing how they are doing and being sure we can help them during good and bad times. 


Q: How are CU different from banks? 

A: I think credit unions are more understanding than banks because banks really go by the guidelines and that’s good, but then there are some circumstances that its nice for us to look at the situation and make a decision. Its nice to base a decision on our judgement instead of what a piece of paper says. 


Q: What’s your favorite product or service that we offer? 

A: The coin machine! This if the first place I’ve actually been with a coin service free to members. 


Q: Since you have joined Element, what’s one thing you have learned about us? 

A: The biggest thing Ive learned goes back to the credit union’s being more understanding for you financial and community needs. 

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