Element Spotlight – Kayla

Name: Kayla Greene 

About me: I am a teller supervisor at Element Federal Credit Union. I have many duties such as making debit cards, doing teller work, working with IRA’s and helping with fraud cases for debit cards. Outside of work, I enjoy playing video games, drawing and painting. 

What keeps me motivated: I just love my job. I get this small feeling of satisfaction every time I can solve a problem for someone. I like to be able to help people. It is like I want to come back every day and help somebody in some way. 

Favorite thing about WV: Pepperoni rolls and the scenery 

Recommended thing to do in WVThe scenery, I think many people overlook it  

Q: What makes Element different? 

A: Our creativeness for one. I think that is the one thing people notice when they come into the branch. They just say, “Well this does not look like any bank or credit union I’ve seen before.” It is not like we only abide by the rules, we will be flexible for people. I think people enjoy that more. For example, we do not put everybody in a box, we analyze each person and see what their needs are. 

Q: Why do you think Credit Unions are important? 

A: We are nonprofit. It is like we basically want more members, so we can do more for our members like give better rates and give back to charities and the community. We are not just trying to get fees and make money off people; we want to help and pay them back for what they are paying us. 

Q: How do you think Credit Unions are important for youth members? 

A: I feel like it can be a better learning experience for younger people. I feel we are more community based and we get out and do more stuff within our community. We are more willing than most big banks to communicate and listen to our members questions and concerns, and we point them in the right direction 

Q: What would you say Element FCU’s culture is and how do we keep members aware of it? 

A: We are all very family oriented. And we try to make our members feel like family to. We learn their names and try to greet them by name. And make them as comfortable as possible. You can always tell when they are too. 

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