Element Spotlight – Trey

Element Spotlight. We may be small but that will not stop us from going big. The extra mile is the first step, not an after-thought. Trey, Member Service Manager

Name:  Trey Sunderland 

About me:  I am a member service representative/teller supervisor.  I’ve  have been with Element for a year  and a half now.  Outside of work,  I am a musician but spend most time with my family. 

What keeps me motivated:  Caffeine, but the days are not long, so typically that helps.  

Favorite thing about WV:  The community is always growing and creating more local businesses. The creatives have invested  instead of giving up on West Virginia.    

Recommended thing to do in WV:  Visit some of the  local  festivals and events, especially  anything sponsored by  Charleston Main Street  because they do such a great job. 

Q:  How do you describe Element FCU culture and how do we keep members aware of it? 

A:  It is very inviting. I would say that is the key word. We talk with our members and help figure out what their wants and needs are.   

Q:   What would be your favorite part of your job? 

A:  I love working with people every day.  It is  what  led  me to take this job. It is the feeling of knowing that something you did might make their day or save them money. That is why we do this.   

Q:  How are CU different from banks? 

A:  They are people, not  just members. Instead of looking at everything they did wrong, we look at the full picture to see what they did right and how we can help them more. That goes for the employees here as well.  

Q:  Since you have joined Element, what is one thing you have learned about us? 

A:  We may be smaller, but that will not  stop us from going big.  The extra mile is the first step, not an after-thought.  

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