Staff Spotlight – Jennifer

Staff Spotlight Element FCU 'It's the service we offer that make our members happy... people shouldn't have to wait for things that can be fixed now.' Jennifer

Name: Jennifer Ashley

About me:  I am a Member Service Representative for Element Federal Credit Union. I help with phones and teller as needed. Outside of work, I typically relax and watch TV. In the summer, I enjoy getting in the pool and hanging out with friends and family.

What keeps me motivated: My coworkers, we always have a great time!

Favorite thing about WV: The mountains and beautiful scenery

Recommended thing to do in WV: Visit the New River Gorge Bridge and the Gauley Bridge

Q: Use three words to describe Element to you.

A: “Helpful, honest and caring.”

Q: What would you say our culture is and how do you keep members aware of that?

A: “Our saying that we help everybody and that we try our best to do it as quickly as possible. If it isn’t something we can fix instantly, then we will let our members know that we are working on it and promise that we are trying to find a solution for them. It’s the service we offer that makes our members happy, because people shouldn’t have to wait for things that can be fixed now.”

Q: What’s your favorite product or service that we offer?

A: “I like that members have the option to go online and set up their own payments. They have so many options from paying cash to using ACH or Account to Account transfers. Its all up to them.”

Q: Describe a time you helped a member in need.

A: “One time I had something as simple as helping a lady who was trying to make a payment and it was getting late, and she had mailed a check, so we were pretty sure it had gotten lost.  So, I recommended to her doing a stop payment on that check then doing an Account to Account transfer to make a payment so it wouldn’t be late. Even though it didn’t seem like much, she was very grateful for our help and that feeling is amazing!”

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