The Best Kids Savings Account

Building Bright Financial Futures

Just for Kids


  • Earn 3.00% APY** on balances over $50
  • Access Banzai and Biz Kid$ financial education resources
  • Create personalized savings goals and buckets
  • Participate in exciting challenges to win great prizes
  • Exclusive rewards just for Kids Savings Account holders

At Element Federal Credit Union, we believe that financial literacy is the key to a successful future. The Best Kids Savings Account is designed to help children ages 0-12 develop healthy saving habits and learn about money management in a fun and engaging way. #FinancialWellnessStartsHere #ElementKidsClub

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Deposit Balance* Dividend Rate APY**
$50 and above 2.95% 3.00%

*Minimum opening balance requirement = $10; ongoing minimum monthly balance requirement = $10
Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield can change at any time.
Withdrawals are not permitted. If any withdrawals occur, the account will be converted to a regular savings account, and the account holder will no longer be eligible for perks and rewards associated with the Kids Savings Account.
Withdrawals may occur after the child’s 13th birthday. Funds can be withdrawn or moved to our Teen Savings Account.

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