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Get Paid Early

Payday on Demand

Post your payday as soon as we receive the electronic file
Want to get your payday before payday? With #PaydayOnDemand, you may be able to get your funds earlier than your actual payday.

Not all electronic/ACH deposits qualify for #PaydayOnDemand. The ability to take advantage of the program and the number of days the funds are available ahead of the normal posting date depends on the company that is sending the deposit. You can request your early payday whenever it’s available.

Login to your online account or the Element app to get your #PaydayOnDemand.

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Ditch the Paper Checks

Get Direct Deposit

Get your paycheck or other income safely with direct deposit
With Element #DirectDeposit, you can get paid up to 2 days early! #DirectDeposit lets your employer deposit your paycheck, Social Security wages, or other income directly into your account. It means you don’t have to go to a branch or an ATM to deposit your money, and you won’t have to face the security threat of a lost paycheck. Plus, you’ll get your money faster. It’s safe, reliable, and highly convenient.

Use our #DirectDeposit form or contact your employer or agency to get their official form. Need assistance? Contact us for help!

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Build Your Credit

Own Your Future

We help you establish or build your credit
#OwnYourFuture credit builder is perfect for starting and building your credit. Here’s how it works. We’ll process a loan for you (up to $1,000), and we’ll put these funds from the loan into your savings account. The funds are held in this account while you make monthly payments on the loan. The term of the loan is 12 months, and the interest rate (APR*) is very low. Once the loan is paid off, you will have saved $1,000 AND built a solid payment history on a loan.

We really love this product because it gives our members a tool to build their credit with very little effort. We also do a #MoneyWellness session with you so we can review your credit and give you more tips on how to build or repair your credit. How does this sound to you? Contact our lending team for more information.

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Simple, Fast, and Secure


We simplify and expedite your document signatures
We make signing documents super easy with #eSign (electronic signing) . It’s as simple as a text or email message or a message within your online banking account. You choose how you want to access your documents.

We know you love us and still want to see us in person. If you can’t make it to Element in person, Element comes to you wherever you are.

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Transfer to Other Accounts

A2A Account Transfer

Transfer money between Element and other banking accounts
With #A2A,  you can transfer funds from your Element account to your other banking accounts. You can also do the opposite. You can transfer funds from your other banking accounts to Element. You have access to all of this in your online banking account. Transfers typically take 24 to 48 hours to complete but could be shorter or longer depending on the business day.

#A2A puts you in control of your money (no matter where you keep it). We make your banking services easy and convenient, and that’s another reason people love us.

There is a one-time setup process to establish your account relationships. Set up multiple external accounts if you wish. Once your account relationships are created, you can start transferring funds in your online banking account.

Set Up Account Relationships
Need a break?

Skip a Payment

Free up some cash by taking a break from your loan payment
Whether it’s holiday spending,  a disruption in employment, a much-needed vacation or any other reason, you can take advantage of Element’s #SkipAPayment service to take a break from your loan payments.

You can login to your online banking account and skip your payments automatically or you can complete our online form, and we’ll process for you as quickly as possible. Some limitations apply, so please reach out to us with questions.

Skip a Payment Request
Get your credit and debit cards fast!

Instant Issue Cards

Pick up your debit or credit card almost instantly
With #InstantIssue, we print our debit and credit cards in our branches. This means you can get your card in a few minutes, not a few days! If you lose your card, damage your card, or experience fraud, you can get back up and running with a new card very quickly.

You can place your order in a branch or you can visit our card gallery in advance for pickup at a time and place that works for you. If you don’t find an image in our gallery that fits your element, you can use your own personal photo on your card.

Order a Debit Card
Debit Card Roundup

Tip Yourself

A savings plan that makes a lot of cents!

We make saving money easy and fun by helping you save money every day, pennies at a time with #TipYourself. It’s easy to start tipping yourself. This is all you need:

  1. A Savings Account – name it whatever you want (Tip Yourself is a nice name)
  2. A Checking or Debit Account
  3. A Debit Card

Simply enroll in the program, and each time you make a purchase with your Element Debit Card, we’ll round up the total to the nearest dollar amount. At the end of the day, we’ll transfer the difference from your checking or debit account to your #TipYourself special account. You can watch your savings grow every day!

Here’s an example of how you can save with #TipYourself

Daily Debit Purchase

Extra Tip for Yourself

Amount to Deduct from Your Account

$49.07 – gasoline



$55.91 – pedicure



$89.63 – veterinarian (daggon dog!)



Your daily Tip amounts will be totaled and debited from your checking or debit account as one transaction at the end of the day. Using the example above, the total savings transferred into your #TipYourself account for the day would be $1.39. Multiply that number by 30 days, and you could save $41.70 in just one month! Sweet!

Sign Up to Tip Yourself
Help us give back to our community

#Swipe It For Good

And support your favorite local charity
#SwipeItForGood is a charity rewards program that enables our members to give back to their favorite local charities every time they swipe their card. The best part? It’s all us! When you use our products and services, we contribute a portion to your favorite local charity. We’re proud to help support local non-profits and community programming where it counts … right here in West Virginia.

#ElementGives supports local community organizations. We give to your chosen charity when you do any of the following*:

  • $50 – when you finance a new our used auto
  • $50 – when you open and use a checking/spending account
  • $10 – when you refer new members to Element
  • $.05 – for every debit card swipe at a merchant

* Auto Loan Offer: Finance or refinance your auto ($10,000 and above) loans with Element and we’ll donate $50 to eligible charity in your name. Existing Element FCU loans are not eligible for refinance. Loan applications are subject to qualification and approval; not all applicants may qualify. You must use Promo Code of eligible charity at the time of your application. Debit/Credit Card Offer: You must enroll in Element’s #SwipeItForGood program and choose eligible charity as your charity. Each time you use your Element debit or credit card to make a purchase (using the “credit” option), Element donates 5 cents to eligible charity. ATM transactions and transactions using the “debit”option do not qualify. Checking/Spending Account Offer: When you open a checking account, enroll in eStatements, and open a debit card (and 6 POS transactions post to your account), Element will donate $50 to eligible charity. See credit union for complete details.

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Track your credit and your score with


And there's not cost to you!
With the SavvyMoney credit program, you can get your latest credit score, an understanding of key factors that impact the score, and see the most up-to-date offers that can help reduce your interest costs. You can track your credit score daily, and your score will never be negatively affected.

SavvyMoney also monitors your credit report daily and informs you by email if there are any big changes detected such as a new account being opened, change in address or employment, a delinquency has been reported, or an inquiry has been made. Monitoring helps you keep an eye out for identity theft.

Simply login to your online account to access SavvyMoney.

Make Element #TopOfWallet

Apple Pay

For Debit and Credit Cards

Apple Pay replaces your physical cards and cash with an easier, safer, more private and secure payment method. Use it online, in apps, and in stores. It’s the simple way to pay every day.

Apple Pay is simple to set up. Just add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone and you’re ready to go.

Make sure to make your Element card your default card. This makes it easy to use your most loved credit union’s card every time you make a purchase. 🙂

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