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Take an online course to learn crucial financial concepts, in a fun-choose-your-own-adventure style! Choose a real-life scenario: Banzai Junior, Banzai Teen, and Banzai Plus for adults.

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by financial planning? A Banzai Coach takes something hard...like building a budget...and walks you through each step. There are 20 Coaches to help you right now.

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Like to read? We have a giant library of over 400 financial articles. Start here when you're looking for information to improve your finances.


Play around with numbers on our easy-to-use financial calculators. Banzai’s calculators are interactive, simple and modern, usable on any device.

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Some Popular Collections

Buying  Home

Buying a home may be one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make.

Managing Debt

Receive guidance for getting out of debt based on your unique situation.

Getting a New Car

Gearing up to get a car loan is the key to getting wheels.

Starting a Business

You have an idea, and maybe even a business plan. Now what?

Losing a Job

Unemployment can throw a curve ball at your financial plans, but you can mitigate the damage.

Paying for College

Tuition is a mighty big bill, but there are creative and smart ways to pay for your degree.