FinFit360 Money Wellness

For Money Wellness, Not Profit

Are you looking for a friend to help you with your financial life? We’re here to help!

Schedule your FinFit360 Money Wellness appointment with one of our financial counselors. We’ll review your credit report, help answer your questions and show you how to get on your own path to money wellness.

Money Wellness Highlights:

  • No-cost credit report review
  • Tips on how to improve your credit score
  • Tools to manage and improve your finances
  • Follow up appointments for continued success 

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Understand Credit

What makes up my score, what will hurt it and how can I improve? We’ve got the answers.

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Budget Better

Learn how to create and manage a budget with simple easy to follow tools.

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Spend Smarter

Develop healthy spending habits that enable you to save toward your financial goals.

Monitor Your Credit Score

Element members can check their credit score and report anytime, anywhere with SavvyMoney®.

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