We Value Diversity

All Kinds Welcome and Belong Here


We Are Creative

And we will #MakeYourDay

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We Are Helpful

And we'll keep our PROMISES to you

We Have Attitude

and it's POSITIVE and CARING ... about you!


We Communicate With You

at the speed of NOW


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We Are Energetic & Passionate

because we care about YOU and YOUR needs


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We Take Action

to find SOLUTIONS for YOU


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Teamwork Is Key

Y'all means ALL ... we're all in this together



Why Element?

It’s in our DNA to make your financial life better. And to do it in unconventional ways. Ways that are meaningful and helpful to you. Whatever it takes to help, we’re willing to go there. Every team member at Element is empowered to use their special skills and talents to make a plan that works for you. That’s who and what we are. We’re not for everyone, but we’re for a lot of folks.

The second we deviate from our promise to our members, and each other, is the second we become like everyone else. Live. Breathe. Love. Be. Element. #ElementPromise

If you find that we’re not fulfilling our promise, contact our CEO, Linda Bodie. She’ll make sure things get back on track. We never know if we’re off the track unless you tell us! If we’re doing a great job, you can tell us about your experience. #YouOwnTheJoint

Personable 100%
Friendly 100%
Unique 100%
Fun 100%

Everyone has an element. We help you #GetInYours

We Made History!

with a SmartPhone Check Deposit App
(WV United was our former name)
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